The Atlanta Society for Vascular Ultrasound is a dynamic group of sonographers and physicians who are dedicated to the field of sonography. The goal of this member group is to provide continuing education (CME), professional growth and networking opportunities to sonographers in the region. While our name is Atlanta Society for Vascular Ultrasound, we welcome sonographers and professionals from all areas. 


Every sonographer is required by the ARDMS, CCI or ARRT to acquire 30 or more CME credits every three years. By joining the ASVU you will have the opportunity to get the necessary CME credits. Although continuing education credits are important, they are not the only reason to choose membership. Vascular ultrasound is a fast growing and ever changing field - collectively we are stronger than we are individually. Having a community of professionals that are highly skilled, educated and dedicated benefits the community as a whole.


What does my membership dues actually get me?

  • Up to 8 CME's per year
  • Social Networking
  • New employment opportunities
  • Learn new techniques
  • Develop speaking skills
  • Get a tax deduction
  • See the latest equipment
  • Find local talent
  • Professional development
  • Shape vascular testing in Atlanta and surrounding areas 

Join the ASVU on June 1st for a full day dedicated to critical limb ischemia.  Guest speakers include Jill Sommerset, BS RVT from the state of Washington.  The course will cover critical limb ischemia from every aspect including wound care, physiologic testing, duplex testing, minimally invasive and open repair.  Additional subjects are the role of TCPO2, SPP, duplex and physiologic testing.  Follow up over the next couple of weeks for updates and reservations.